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Commercial Driver’s Record of Duty Status

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This book is suitable for drivers that qualify for the exemption from keeping a driver's daily log. The ‘Commercial Driver’s Record of Duty Status’  is designed to reduce the paperwork and administration associated with complying with the Hours of Service regulations.

The RODS uses a two page spread to cover each month of the year, starting and ending with August. Each day has space for up to three separate work shifts and total columns for each type of duty status. The RODS book is fully compliant with the Hours of Service regulations, and includes both driver instructions and a tutorial. 

The RODS books can be used by a single driver for a full year. 

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  • Is it mandatory BY LAW, to have every school bus driver (including private companies that are NOT with the school board) required to fill out a daily updated HOURS OF SERVICE book? (on duty/off-duty/on-duty not driving)? Or is that just a company/school board policy?

    Every driver of a commercial vehicle must comply with the Hours of Service regulations. Normally this includes the requirement to complete a daily log book. Drivers can be exempt when a record of their duty status is completed. This book meets the alternative record requirement.