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Essential Driving Skills - Taking Your Road Test

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Ontario’s new commercial driver road test is a challenge for many applicants. Whether you are getting a Class A, AR, B, C, D, E or F, this reference will give you the detailed information you need to confidently prepare for the test. 

The newest book in the Essential Driving Skills series details the scoring methods, and all the things that need to be demonstrated and said to the examiner. It covers the daily inspection exterior items, the daily inspection in-cab items, and the daily inspection interior items. Part 2 of the book covers the coupling and uncoupling procedures for tests involving trailer. Part 3 of the book describes the backing maneuver layouts with details on how each maneuver is scored. Part 4 of the book covers all the on-road driving maneuvers, detailing the errors and scoring for each maneuver.

You can use this book for self-study, use it for classroom-based courses, or spend some time in class learning about the book and then practice on your own. Using this book, you will know when you are ready to book your test.

48 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 full colour. Books are packed **60 books/box**, box wt. = 12.4 kg (27 lb).

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  • Is this textbook just for tractor-trailer drivers or is it also intended for other commercial drivers?

    While it was written with all of the information that tractor-trailer drivers require under the mandatory training standard, other commercial licence class drivers will also be able to learn from about 80% of the material. For example, vehicle inspection, cargo securement and hours of service are the same for all commercial vehicles.